Presentation slideshows

A generic approach predicting the effect fouling control coatings on ship performance

Mehmet Atlar

Marine antifouling and fouling release coatings: the key parameters controlling their performances

Christine Bressy

Drag characteristics of newly applied marine coatings and potential applications in combination with ultrasonic devices

Maxim Candries

Inspection by drones

Peter Everaardt

Is there a future for biocide containing anti-fouling coatings? A regulatory perspective

Linda Jones

UVC based biofouling prevention solutions for ship hulls

Michel Jongerius

Microbial influenced corrosion in maritime environment

Job Klijnstra

OCEANIC PROJECT: Brief presentation of the project and the results

Emiliano Pinori, Johan Lindén

Maritime corrosion - New insights

Rob Melchers

Environmental risks related to munition dumped at sea: case study from the Paardenmarkt dumpsite off the Belgian coast

Tine Missiaen

Exploring the mechanisms of biocorrosion and putting them to use in novel applications

Jo Philips

Presentation slides not available.

The predictability of corrosion

Olivier Schalm

Shipping with nature

Jan Seys

Corrosion monitoring - Insights from the Offshore Renewable Energy sector

Jeroen Tacq

Saline resistant weathering steel for offshore and naval: corrosion testing and characterisation?

Krista Van den Bergh